Bangkok Hospital has introduced the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for treatment and rehabilitation. 


   At Bangkok Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy  Center,treatments are administered by experienced and specialized physicians in aviation and underwater faculty.

The treatment of decompression sickness  and air embolism found in astronauts, pilots, and sea divers that have been exposed to various atmospheric pressure.

       When we inhale, orygen is taken into the lungs. moves through the alveoli into the blood, and combines with hemoglobin in the red blood cells. As the heart pumps blood throughout the body, The red blood cells carry oxygen and deliver to tissues and cells then travel through the veins back to the heart and lungs to be replenished with a new supply of oxygen.

       The body must maintain an adequate supply of oxygen at all times, particularly to the heart and brain; any deficiency will cause the cells to stop working or die.

      Life-giving oxygen has been used in the treatment of numerous diseases and injuries through the administra tion of 100% pure oxygen to the patient. Some cases. however, do not respond to oxygen delivered under normal pressure, which is where HBO can provide greater benefits.

       Under high pressure in Hyperbaric chamber make oxygen molecule less smaller than normal and oxygen can easily dissolve into the blood stream at approximately 3 times of normal atmosphere resulting in increase concentration of oxygen to 20 times the normal level, decrease tissue swelling, new blood vessels are formed and make wound heal faster.


       The ability of white blood cells to combat germs improves, anaerobic bacteria die immediately when expose to oxygen some aerobic bacteria also stop regenerating.